Welcome Justin Waghray

Blue Monarch Management is pleased to welcome Justin Waghray to our advisory services team!

As we continue to deepen our international advisory capabilities in business transformation and growth for companies at every stage of their lifecycle, Justin will bring new thinking and a progressive approach for companies looking to scale quickly through technology and automation. Justin’s international experience working with start-ups and small businesses will help our clients to accelerate their growth potential, taking advantage of new innovations and market disruptions.

Justin has worked extensively with new companies in healthcare, financial services, fintech and digital marketing. He had previously founded a medical device start-up that was accepted into the London Business School Incubator Programme and Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Justin holds a BSc in Geomatics Engineering (Biomedical specialization) and a BA in Humanities (German specialization) from the University of Calgary and an MSc in Management from London Business School. He is an active Ironman triathlete, lover of Alberta skiing, Roman history buff, capable speaker of German, French, and Spanish, and voracious reader averaging one book per week.

Welcome Justin!

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