Change is Inevitable

As individuals we observe change, we make change, and we are made to change. The same reality applies to those collections of individuals we call “organizations.” And as individuals and as organizations we are subject to a lifecycle beset by forces from within and without. How we adapt, evolve, pivot, respond, recover and generally navigate the forces that shape our individual and collective lifecycles is a fascinating study.

Beyond a general interest, though, the topic of change has become a larger imperative in this time of great upheaval. The pace at which business, technology and society is changing requires us to identify the forces of change so we might even dimly perceive their implications for the future.

Blue Monarch Management offers this introduction to change not only as a roadmap to our own investigations, but as a guide to organizations thinking about their current and future state. As Charles Darwin suggested, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”


The title of the post is a quote by Robert C. Gallagher – a cheeky spin on the much more serious admonition by John C. Maxwell, “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” In my experience, both are true.

Change is, of course, at the heart of our daily lives – it has been and will continue to be so for as long as we and those who follow draw breath. That we tend generally to be oblivious to the notion and pace of change in our daily lives is certainly understandable given our simple human desire to simply get on with it. Beyond our own lives, though, change is everywhere and always – a reality perhaps more than 13 billion years old (after-all, who can say what changes begat the Big Bang?) All creation, beauty, wonder and destruction – locally and beyond – is the domain of change, making it a subject most worthy of investigation and also central to our future. This commentary and the MindMap it supports together form a roadmap for our ongoing investigations into change. Elsewhere on the Blue Monarch Management website we’ve proclaimed our fascination with and embrace of change – understanding it, causing it, managing it, leveraging it – in recognition of the intriguing possibilities each change-event may create. We believe these investigations will yield valuable insights for our advisory clients, and to ensure the quality of those insights the roadmap will consider change in relation to nature and society as well as business and technology, since the interactions among all are central to the outcomes for each.

So let’s begin. And as we do, agree that what follows is but the first draft of a living document (itself regularly subject to change) that will evolve over time, deepened both by what we learn and by those with whom we connect. The branches laid out in the MindMap capture our initial lines of inquiry, such as Kinds of…change, Drivers of…change, Impediments to…change, while the resulting topics and subtopics suggest areas for deeper study.

Do please trace our commentary below to the contours of the MindMap, and share with us your own thoughts, wisdom, perspectives and, of course, your disagreements. Our exploration of change will surely be enhanced by your participation.

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