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Roles of a Blue Monarch
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Guiding Principles
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Our Intake Process

We prepare for the meeting and guide you through a series of intake questions to establish mutual fit and interest. During this meeting, we use an inquiry-based approach to help you to identify your needs, establish an understanding of your preliminary goals, key issues and potential root causes, and screen your organization and potential engagement for mutual fit.

We initiate a second meeting with a Blue Monarch Management Consultant to further define your needs and work with you to develop the requirements for an engagement with us. During this meeting, we deepen our mutual understanding of your desired outcomes and benefits and start to explore possible pathways forward.

Our team meets independently to research and design an approach, identifies the talent needed to solve the engagement, and creates a high-level engagement plan for you to review.

We reach mutual agreement and start our engagement initiation procedures.

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Roles of a Blue Monarch Management Consultant

Why might you want to engage a Blue Monarch Management Consultant?

Our primary focus is to help you solve problems, capture benefits, and to help you better
understand the best pathways to achieving your desired outcomes. We also look for strategies
and tactics that create new, value-generating options for you.

As a Strategic Advisor

You might engage us to deepen your understanding of your issues, needs, capabilities, resources, and performance trends. We can help you to develop your prioritized requirements, operating and project plans, and budgets. We can advise you in how best to deploy your people, time, and funds resources to achieve your desired outcomes. We might also advise you in how to unlock new innovations and prepare for change and the evolution of your company. When facing moments of crisis and organizational disruption, we can help you to develop your priorities and tactics to address the crisis and the resulting change. To stimulate growth and expansion, we can support your Board development, staff development, and external partnership development needs.

Conduct Independent Assessments

You might engage us to provide an objective and independent opinion – whether assessing the work of another consultant, conducting an organizational or project health check, or facilitating the development of a complex decision that requires you to move past your company’s own internal biases.

Embedded Management

You might engage us to fulfill temporary staff or Leadership roles to stabilize the organization during times of transition or to drive a significant organizational change.

Plan and Implement Projects and Special Initiatives

Engage us to help you to plan and deliver a focused project. Blue Monarch Management will take ownership over your benefits streams.

Our Engagement Process

As experienced, strategic advisors, our Management Consultants guide change by engaging specialized resources to solve problems and move decisions and work forward. The simplicity of the approach is that it relentlessly focuses on achieving outcomes for our clients. Engagements often start with a Theory of Change model that aligns outcomes and impacts with the timed and sequenced decisions and actions a client needs to take. The Blue Monarch Management Consultant’s work shifts to development of critical decisions and implementation of plans, structures, systems, processes, and meetings to advance the work.


A Guided Outcome-Driven Process, Not Deliverables for the Sake of Deliverables

Clients often ask us to produce ‘things’ for them. For example, they might ask for a strategic plan or a new governance model. These tools are means to an end, and we focus on moving through a process to get to the end. If the journey requires a specific plan, analysis, facilitated session, or conflict resolution, these are deliverables that should be decided by the emergent needs established during the engagement – to always be moving the work towards outcomes and benefits. It means we deliver the right work at the right time, without unnecessary or low value work products.

If your organization is interested in getting to know us,
why not reach out and start a conversation?

Critical Inquiry

We solve problems with intelligence gained from disciplined critical inquiry, research, and data modeling. We challenge positions and prevailing assumptions that are often the root causes of limitation and constraints.

Theory of Change

We start with outcomes and then work back to them through engagement with the client, the industry, the business, and technological forces (both current and pending) that are most significant. Through this inquiry, we can determine the optimal course to attain the desired outcome (or range of outcomes).

Entrepreneurial Practices

We stimulate cultural and organizational designs that promote rapid learning, resourcefulness, effective governance and decision quality, and prototyping. We develop confidence and communication.

Systems Thinking

We study the interconnectedness of systems and networks. We stimulate change by focusing on risks, opportunities, influencers, and enablers. We encourage investment with an eye for cause-and-effect relationships in systems.


It is important to keep moving, as time is lost if not used. Paralysis creates risks. We mobilize decisions and actions to stimulate learning, tap into latent energy in cultures and companies, and eliminate barriers that suppress the natural evolution of companies.

About CMC-Canada

Blue Monarch Management and our professional staff follow the Standards and Professional Code of Conduct prescribed by the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC-Canada)

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