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Why Us?

We are fascinated with change, with innovation, and entrepreneurship.
Blue Monarch Management has begun its journey to globalize in a changed world.
Change is an opportunity for organizations to re-imagine, reinvent and thrive.
You'll be working with a team of leaders that help organizations do just that.
Because we know with absolute certainty, that change is constant.

5 aspects to develop a career you are passionate
about at Blue Monarch Management.

To Our Clients

We provide inspiration, clarity and momentum to help our clients do great things. We commit to advising through critical inquiry, rapid and iterative development of ideas and options, and we advise with evidence and experience. We commit to high-quality work that improves a client’s positioning. And we commit to protecting and empowering our clients.

To Our Partners

We engage in two-way strategic partnerships with meticulous investment in relationships and trust-building. When we form a partnership, we commit to treating our partners like they are part of our team and therefore strive to development them, empower them, and position them for success.

To Our Team

We are careful about who we recruit to our team. We place high value on diversity of culture, ethnicity, gender, age, skills and experience, knowing that diverse teams drive the best performance. We commit to fostering an open, honest, trusting environment so that our team members can focus on innovation and value-creation. We commit to building a sharing culture and not a hoarding culture. We compete hard in the marketplace – but not with each other.

To Our Community

Actively engaging in our communities is not only important, but is mission-critical for Blue Monarch Management. We participate in volunteer work, lead on Boards, and speak at events. We commit to learning about our communities and to applying our experience and energy to help them thrive. We are natural connectors, and therefore work hard to make introductions and build strong networks for the benefit of the community.

To Our Profession

Blue Monarch Management and our professional staff follow the standards and Professional Code of Conduct prescribed by the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC-Canada). We commit to having 100% of our advisors holding CMC memberships and either having or working towards completing their CMC designation.

What’s in it for you? Benefits from Joining Blue Monarch Management

Your Career Will Always Be Challenging

You will engage in complex problem solving – often with challenges and change our clients have not experienced before. You will apply all of your skill, experience, and network resources to create new futures for our clients.

Training & developmentBlue Monarch Management is focused on a culture of philanthropy, allowing colleagues to help build stronger communities, and spread access to technology and training for a brighter future.

Coaching, Mentorship, and Peer Mentorship

Consulting in today’s business arena is challenging and competitive. At Blue Monarch Management, there are opportunities to mentor and be mentored as you develop new skills and seek out new experiences.

Your Work Makes an Impact

All positions at Blue Monarch Management create opportunities for you to make an impact and to deeply understand the value you create for a client, a partner, and our community.

Your Voice Means Something

We have an abundance mindset and work to understand each other and promote each other for success. When you join us, it means we feel you are bringing a strong voice that could be a powerful addition to our team.

Positioning for Opportunities

We work hard to position our team with opportunities to develop new skills, experiences, and to make investments. We encourage you to be curious and engaged with the world and push you to move your feet.

Integrity & Transparency

Blue Monarch Management works hard to build trust and transparency with all our staff and contractors. It is a safe, healthy, and productive place to do business, without fear of politics and cutthroat internal competition.

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About CMC-Canada

Blue Monarch Management and our professional staff follow the Standards and Professional Code of Conduct prescribed by the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC-Canada)

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