Rapid Balance Assessment

BMM’s Rapid Balance Assessment

Prioritizing your valuable organizational resources to drive the right change at the right time can be challenging. Teams advocate for resources, often without a line of sight to other needs, risks, and opportunities available to the company. Often companies are ‘stuck in the mud’ without the right evidence to support organizational effectiveness improvement programs that could unlock resources and drive better performance.

Blue Monarch Management’s Total Yield Program helps companies to improve profitability through better management of demand, revenue, and expenses, by pursuing large- and small-scale business transformation opportunities and management practices that drive to your bottom line.

Considering how to best build your profit line?

Why not start with our proprietary Rapid Balanced Assessment, which provides a broad, but not deep, appraisal of your organization’s health and competency maturity. 

  • Delivered in weeks, not months nor years.
  • Low cost, because its purpose is to quickly highlight the right areas for your next operational investment while protecting you from low-value expenditures.
  • Provides you with the evidence you need to build your internal case for change.

The Rapid Balanced Assessment provides your organization with a holistic appraisal (“forest for the trees view”) across the important managerial elements of your organization. It shows early markers of relative strengths and weaknesses compared across elements and for each element compared with best practices.

  • 24 broad dimensions of your organization’s governance and operation, covering the broad categories of operations, governance and strategy, people, marketing and strategy, and financial health.
  • 69 evidence-based analytics supported by our inquiry-based procedures with risk- and strengths-based assessment criteria.
  • Concise reporting and facilitated discussions with your management team.

Who Might be Interested in Blue Monarch Management’s Rapid Balanced Assessment?

  • Small- and medium-sized businesses that have established some maturity in their organizational structures.
  • The Rapid Balanced Assessment can be tailored to for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, understanding that analytics and criteria require different focus for each type of business.

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