- We Anticipate Change
…to position you for
new opportunities.
- We Harness Change
…to help you understand
your potential.
- We Embrace Change
…to open possibilities for
your reinvention.
- We Initiate Change
…to start you down
new pathways.
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In a world of unpredictable and accelerating change, we help organizations build the capacity for innovation, growth and renewal.

We are fascinated by change...

…understanding it, planning it, causing it, and managing it.

“Change is the only constant of life,” and successful organizations will recognize this truth to thrive in a world of unprecedented, unpredictable, and accelerating change.

And in this world of hyper-competition, where science & technology create more opportunity and risk than ever before, organizations must learn to pivot – to be dynamic – and to continuously transform themselves through insight, inquiry and inspirational communication.

At Blue Monarch Management we work each day to master change, because every change unleashes intriguing possibilities.

So, are you a fit?

You are here because you:

Are facing a new business problem you have not seen before and you would like to understand it.

Want to reinvent your company or reimagine how you do business.

Want to drive a change through your business and you either need help to define it, or to plan it, or to manage it.

Problem 1

Are you or your company experiencing a crisis or significant disruption that is keeping you up at night?

Problem 2

How is your company positioned in your industry and markets? Do you understand what makes you strong and are you positioning yourself to exploit your strengths?

Problem 3

How well do your organizational design, structures, systems and current workforce align with the future work needs for your company?

Problem 4

How well do you understand the root cause of your top issues?

Problem 5

How do your company’s business structures and systems support driving new innovative thinking?

Problem 6

What kinds of initiatives, enhancements, and automations might help you to reduce your company’s costs and improve profitability?

Problem 7

Does your company’s culture and current state of workforce diversity help or hinder your performance?

Problem 8

Will you need to introduce new thinking, new questions, and challenge prevailing assumptions to cause a much-needed change to happen?

Problem 9

How well do you understand the current and potential value of your products and services in your current and potential markets?

Problem 10

Have you positioned your organization for growth?

What We Do

Blue Monarch Management Can Guide You
Through Different Kinds of Complex Change

There are three kinds of business transformations you may be facing.


High-Clarity Transformation

A planned, high-clarity transformation drives predictable outcomes & the pathways to developing decisions plans,


High-Ambiguity Transformation

For this kind of transformation, you might know where you are trying to get to but may be facing significant uncertainty….


Adaptive Change

When your company experiences a crisis, you may need to respond to your company’s needs and adapt to a new…..

Our Process

How to Engage with Us

Roles of a Blue Monarch
Management Consultant

Guiding Principles
for Our Engagements

Who Do

We Help?

A Company Lifecycle and Change Continuum

In our framework, there are seven (7) different states describing a company’s size and maturity. Your change, adaptation, and transformation decisions and activities will need to be tailored to the current state

Illustrative Outcomes and Benefits

Desired outcomes and benefits may have different importance, depending on whether you are from a public sector organization, a for-profit private sector enterprise, or a not-for-profit sector organization.

Public Sector



Corporate Strategy

We blend entrepreneurial best practices
with excellence in management consulting
to create powerful change.


Blue Monarch Management delivers exceptional value to clients aspiring to transform, compete, and perform in world markets.


We will master change to create ripples around the world.


Our culture brings together resilient entrepreneurial and disciplined Management Consultant values focused on clients, team, and a strong sense of play.

Exceptional Outcomes


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Working Together on Strategies

Working Together on Strategies

Blue Monarch Management is delighted to be working with the Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation on regional supply chain strategies for companies located in the West Kootenays. In the project’s initial phase, we will advise and collaborate with local businesses to build quick wins on supply chain resiliency and business development initiatives. In partnership with the […]

CMC-ALBERTA’s New Leadership Team

CMC-ALBERTA’s New Leadership Team

Continuing on Blue Monarch Management’s mission to inspire change, adaptation and growth, we are very proud to share that our very own Jeff Peterson has been elected as Board Chair & President of the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Alberta’s Board The Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation is the only widely recognized Professional Certification […]

Rainmaker Moves Markets

Rainmaker Moves Markets

Thanks Clark Grue for the honourable mention in the Calgary Herald article!You and Rainmaker Global BD have been a great partner and offer so much value and integrity to Canadian standards and international communities. Blue Monarch Management is very proud to be working with you. It has been inspiring to read about your initiative.Rainmaker is […]

Welcome Erin Melnychuk

Welcome Erin Melnychuk

Blue Monarch Management is proud to welcome Erin Melnychuk to our advisory team. Specializing in social impact and entrepreneurship, she brings a strong voice in innovation to our clients and partners. We help organizations manage change – to

Welcome Justin Waghray

Welcome Justin Waghray

Blue Monarch Management is pleased to welcome Justin Waghray to our advisory services team! As we continue to deepen our international advisory capabilities in business transformation and growth for companies at every stage of their lifecycle, Justin will

BMM’s Rapid Balance Assessment

BMM’s Rapid Balance Assessment

Prioritizing your valuable organizational resources to drive the right change

On the Importance of Historical Renaming

On the Importance of Historical

As political and social justice movements such as Black Lives

Short Cycle Delivery in Lieu of Monolithic Plans

Short Cycle Delivery in Lieu

I’ve been reading around the topic of short cycle delivery related

Our Partners
Our deep commitment to learning and inquiry is matched by our equally strong commitment to excellence for our clients. That’s why we value our Partners so highly – they inform us, inspire us, and help us exceed our clients’ expectations.

About CMC-Canada

Blue Monarch Management and our professional staff follow the Standards and Professional Code of Conduct prescribed by the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC-Canada)

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